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What is a Directors Service Address?

When you are a director, it is mandatory to provide an address for yourself. Directors addresses are published online and viewable by anyone. Marsh Virtual Office offers an official correspondence address for all officers to use.

What are the benefits of this service?

Keep Your Own Address Private –  It is perfectly legal to use your home address for business purposes, however many directors are uncomfortable with the idea of any member of the public knowing their private address. As such a registered address can provide you some anonymity in this respect.

Separate Home and Work –  In the modern world and particularly with company owners, it’s easy to find work all-consuming without having post arrive at home. Having your post sent elsewhere and choosing when you collect or view it can help to keeping that perfect work/life balanace.

Choose Marsh Virtual Office – With Marsh Virtual Office you’ll receive a professional directors service address service  at market leading prices, with a range of options, easy online processes and a multitude of support.


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